Solo Exhibitions

2017-18     Said Now, For All Time, Southampton City Art Gallery

2016     Christopher Bucklow, Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta

2015    Dimitri & Wenlop, (Paintings) Riflemaker, Bath

2014   Christopher Bucklow: The Critics Circle. (Paintings) Riflemaker Gallery, London

2014 Sun to Sun (with Simone Douglas), Artereal Gallery, Sydney

2014 Christopher Bucklow, Gallery Vassie, Amsterdam

2013    Christopher Bucklow: (Paintings) Black Swan Arts, Frome

2013    Christopher Bucklow, Photographs and Paintings, Danziger Gallery, New York

2012      Christopher Bucklow, Galerie Edwynn Houk, Zurich

2010    Tetrarchs, Danziger Projects, New York

2010     Anima: Paintings and Photographs, Riflemaker, London

2009    Christopher Bucklow, Emon/Mssohkan, Tokyo

2008    Tetrarchs, Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta

2007     Christopher Bucklow, Mssohkan Gallery, Kobe, Japan

2006   Christopher Bucklow, Artereal, Sydney

2006   Christopher Bucklow, Riflemaker, London

2005   Christopher Bucklow, Hug, Amsterdam

2004    I Will Save Your Life (Paintings) Riflemaker, London

2004    If This be Not I (Paintings) The Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere

2003 Galerie Edward Mitterand, Geneva

2002    Guests and Tetrarchs, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London

2002    Angeli Rrose’  (Paintings) Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London

2001    ‘Christopher Bucklow: Guests and Tetrarchs’, The Photographers’                                                  Gallery, London

2000    Vaknin Schwartz Gallery, Atlanta

1999    The Mancunian Heresy (Paintings) Anthony Wilkinson Gallery

1999    Canopic Fusion Reactor  (Sculpture), St Ives International

1998    ‘fju:3an, (Film) Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York

1998     Guest, Mead Gallery, University of Warwick

1997    Christopher Bucklow, Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta

1996    Reactor, Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York

1995    Guest’ Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

 1995   The Beauty of the World, Independent Art Space, London

1994     Jerusalem (Sculpture and film) The Herzilya Museum of Art, Herzliya, Israel


 Group Exhibitions

2018       Photography: A Living Art, National Portrait Gallery, London

2016       Inside Out, Perez Art Museum, Miami

2016       Artereal Gallery Turns Ten, Artereal Sydney

2015       Wonderful Lies, Danziger Gallery New York

2015       The Magic Medium, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

2014       Shadows on the Wall, Houston Museum of Fine Arts

2014       See The Light, Los Angeles County Museum of Art 

2013       Tapping the Third Realm, (paintings) Otis College, Loyola University,                               Los Angeles

2012      Fine Art Society, London

2011        Younger (drawings) Daniel Cooney, New York

2010       Edwynn Houk, New York

2009      Voodoo, (paintings) Riflemaker, London

2007     The Jerwood Drawing Prize, Jerwood Space, London

2006     Drawings from the Collection, Museum of Modern Art, New York

              Drawing Inspiration, Abbott Hall Art Gallery, Kendal

               Fantasie und Illusion, Frankfurt Photography Forum

 2005     Paintings: gallery artists, Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York

                Blake & Sons, (paintings) University of Cork, Ireland

 2004     ‘ After Life’  The Bowes Museum

                 Jerwood Drawing Prize, Jerwood Space, London

  2003      Recycling Lucifer’s Fall’  (paintings) Houldsworth Gallery, London

  2002     Jerwood Drawing Prize’  Jerwood Space,  London

                Metamorphing’, The Science Museum, London

                Artists of Fame and Promise’ (paintings) 14 Wharfe Road,  London

                Bucklow, Fricke, Turrell,  Musee d’Art  Moderne de la Ville de Paris

                Sacred Century’ (paintings), Victoria & Albert Museum, London

                Escape from the Vault’, Contemporary Museum, Honolulu

   2001     Visionaire’s Exquisite Corpse, Sao Paulo, Brazil

               Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York

                Best Of Visionaire, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

   2000     Paul Kasmin Gallery (paintings), New York

                  Little Angels’ , Houldsworth, London           

  1999    Underexposed’, Stockholm Subway, Sweden

               Office of Misplaced Events’ Lotta Hammer, London

               Story/Line, Katonah Museum of Art, New York

   1998    Every Other Day, First Draft, Sydney, Australia

              Paraphotography, Maier Museum of Art, Lynchburg, Virginia

                 Hope’, Pensacola Museum of Art, Florida

                 Light as Substance’, Cypress College Fine Arts Gallery, California

                 Christopher Bucklow & Andres Serrano, Patricia Faure Gallery,

                         Los Angeles

     1997    Object and Abstraction, Museum of Modern Art, New York

                 Picturing Modernity, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

                 In Visible Light, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

     1996    Under the Sun’, Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Fool’s Rain’, I.C.A., London

  The Inner Eye’, Manchester City Art Gallery

                   Departmental display , Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

                   Prospect ‘96’, Frankfurt Kunstverein, Germany

                   A Scattering Matrix’, Richard Heller Galery, Santa Monica

                   The Imaginary Real’, Museum of Fine Art, Houston

                    Recent Acquisitions’, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

      1995 Silhouettes’, (with Elliott Puckette & Adam Fuss)  Paul Kasmin Gallery,  New York

                    Recent Acquisitions’, Museum of Modern Art, New York

                     Content in Today’s Photography’, Bruce Museum,  Greenwich,Connecticut

                      Acquisitions, Houston  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

                     The Abstract Urge’ Friends of Photography, San Francisco

                      Recent Acquisitions’ The Museum of Modern Art, New York

         1994   Bucklow, Crewdson, Fuss, Sugimoto’, Jim Schmidt Gallery, St Louis

                       Without Walls’, Face Magazine, May issue, London

                        After Art’, Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle

                        The Israel Sculpture Biennale’, En Hod, Israel

         1993    Wonderful Life’, Lisson Gallery, London

                         Bucklow, Rovner, Henle, Barth’, Wooster Gardens, New York

        1992     Inside a Microcosm’, Laure Genillard Gallery, London